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Wang Yang
Member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the 19th CPC Central Committee; Vice-Premier of the State Council; Chairman of the 13th CPPCC National Committee
Born: 1955, Anhui Province, Suzhou City

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Abdul Abdulrixit 阿不来提.阿不都热西提 Bo Xilai 薄熙来 Cao Jianming 曹建明 Chang Wanquan 常万全 Chen Bingde 陈炳德 Chen Changzhi Chen Kuiyuan 陈奎元 Chen Zhili 陈至立 Chui Sai On 崔世安 Dai Bingguo 戴秉国 Deng Pufang 邓朴方 Donald Tsang 曾荫权 Du Qinglin 杜青林 Guo Boxiong 郭伯雄 Han Qide 韩启德 He Guoqiang 贺国强 He Yong 何勇 Hu Jintao 胡锦涛 Hua Jianmin 华建敏 Hui Liangyu 回良玉 Ismail Tiliwaldi 司马义•铁力瓦尔地 Jia Qinglin 贾庆林 Jiang Shusheng 蒋树声 Jing Zhiyuan 靖志远 Li Changchun 李长春 Li Jianguo 李建国 Li Jinai 李继耐 Li Jinhua 李金华 Li Keqiang 李克强 Li Yuanchao 李源潮 Li Zhaozhuo 李兆焯 Liang Guanglie 梁光烈 Liao Hui 廖晖 Liao Xilong 廖锡龙 Ling Jihua 令计划 Liu Qi 刘淇 Liu Yandong 刘延东 Liu Yunshan 刘云山 Lu Yongxiang 路甬祥 Ma Kai 马凯 Meng Jianzhu 孟建柱 Pagbalha Geleg Namgyai 帕巴拉·格列朗杰 Qian Yunlu 钱运录 Sang Guowei 桑国卫 Sun Jiazheng 孙家正 Tung Chee Hwa 董建华 Uyunqimg 乌云其木格 Wan Gang 万钢 Wang Gang 王剛 Wang Huning 王沪宁 Wang Lequan 王乐泉 Wang Qishan 王岐山 Wang Shengjun 王胜俊 Wang Zhaoguo 王兆国 Wen Jiabao 温家宝 Wu Bangguo 吴邦国 Xi Jinping 习近平 Xie Xuren 谢旭人 Xu Caihou 徐才厚 Xu Qiliang 许其亮 Yan Junqi 严隽琪 Yu Zhengsheng 俞正声 Yuan Guiren 袁贵仁 Zhang Dejiang 张德江 Zhang Gaoli 张高丽 Zhang Meiying 张梅颖 Zhang Rongming 张榕明 Zhou Tienong 周铁农 Zhou Yongkang 周永康

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Wang Yang travelled to Bulgaria, Sofia
and met with the following:
Boyko Borissov (Prime Minister of Bulgaria)
Wang Yang travelled to Bulgaria, Sofia
and met with the following:
Georgi Parvanov (President of Bulgaria)
Wang Yang travelled to Ukraine, Kiev
and met with the following:
Viktor Yanukovych (Ukrainian President)
Wang Yang travelled to Ukraine, Kiev
and met with the following:
Azarov Mykola (Ukrainian Prime Minister)
09/11/10 CPC delegation leave for Ukraine, Bulgaria (Beijing Municipality)
Hu Jintao travelled to Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City
Others Attending: Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan, Wang Yang
08/20/10 Chinese leaders vow to make Party affairs public (Beijing Municipality)
07/14/10 Hu Jintao delivered a speech during the work conference on national education. (Beijing Municipality)
Hu Jintao was in Beijing Municipality
Others Attending: Bo Xilai, Cao Jianming, Dai Bingguo, Guo Boxiong, He Guoqiang, He Yong, Hui Liangyu, Jia Qinglin, Li Changchun, Li Yuanchao, Ling Jihua, Liu Qi, Liu Yandong, Liu Yunshan, Ma Kai, Meng Jianzhu, Wan Gang, Wang Gang, Wang Huning, Wang Lequan, Wang Qishan, Wang Yang, Wang Zhaoguo, Wen Jiabao, Wu Bangguo, Xi Jinping, Xu Caihou, Yu Zhengsheng, Zhang Dejiang, Zhang Gaoli, Zhou Yongkang
05/29/10 Wang Yang called for companies to improve management and care more for their employees after 13 workers of Shenzhen-based Foxconn attempted suicides this year. (Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City)
05/26/10 Hu Jintao addressed a central work conference on human resources. (Beijing Municipality)
04/23/10 Hu Jintao presided over the meeting of the Polburo of the CPC Central Committee to discuss plans to boost economic development and maintain long-term social stability in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. (Beijing Municipality)
04/06/10 Hu Jintao delivered a keynote speech at a conference, which is held to conclude a nationwide campaign of studying and implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development. (Beijing Municipality)
03/05/10 Wen Jiabao delivered a government work report during the opening meeting of the Third Session of the 11th NPC. (Beijing Municipality)
02/22/10 Hu Jintao presided over a meeting of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee. (Beijing Municipality)
02/07/10 Xi Jinping urged improvement of the Party's role in leading the economic work. (Beijing Municipality)
02/04/10 Wen Jiabao urged to boost development of social undertakings and improvement of people's livelihoods at a seminar for provincial and ministerial level officials. (Beijing Municipality)
01/09/10 Hu Jintao urged to deepen fiscal and taxation system reforms, and improve the efficiency of fiscal management. (Beijing Municipality)
01/08/10 Hu Jintao presided over a meeting of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee. (Beijing Municipality)
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