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PHOTO: Liu Yixun
Liu Yixun 刘以训


Liu Yixun, male, Han nationality, is a native of Anqiu, Shandong Province. He graduated from Fudan University in 1963 and did his graduate work at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Liu engaged in genital biology research for over thirty years. In the early 1980s, he took the lead in finding GnRH had a direct effect towards matrixes. In recent years, he advanced the view that fibre lyase proto-activation factor (tPA) produced from grain cell (GC) and inhibiting factor (PAI-1) expressed by thin coating cell (TC) plays an important role in regulating outbursts of egg follicles. He also discovered that, GC and TC, stimulated by relevant hormones, coordinate with tPA and PAI-1 gene expressions and induce ovulation. At the same time, he took the lead finding that the progesterone synthesized from GC could be utilized by TC to produce androgens and that the interaction of GC and TC is the premise of ovary synthesizing estrogen. Making use of this system, Liu further studied the roles of physiological process, such as semen generation, luteal atrophy and delivery, obtaining important results.

He published more than 150 theses, including more than 60 scientific theses, which were frequently cited by relevant literatures both home and abroad. Collaborating with others, he recognized Hardy's socket at the head of the amphioxus (i.e., anlage of pituitary). Most recently, through enorchismus model differential, Liu selected a new gene produced by regulating semen closely related to temperature and expressed especially in round semen.

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