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PHOTO: Liang Jingkui
Liang Jingkui 梁敬魁
Inorganic Physics Chemist


Liang Jingkui, male, Han nationality, is a native of Fuzhou, Fujian Province. He graduated from Xiamen University, and was awarded an associate doctorate degree in technology science by the Metallurgy Research Institute of the former Soviet Union.

Liang worked as a researcher at the Physics Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He worked in three areas of research including, crystal structural chemistry, material science and solid physics. Liang did a great deal of systematic work in multi-crystal X-ray diffraction structural analysis, as well as picture and matrix precision assessment of functional materials. Liang has published more than 300 dissertations and summaries and written several books. His best known works include "Phase Diagram and Phase Structure"(Volumes I and II) and "Relational System and Crystal Structure of High Pressure Oxide Superconductor System".

Liang put forward a simple method where the first diffraction line and face distance are used to measure high Tc oxide superconductor phase structure and rough atomic position. He discovered that the thallium system superconductor phase belonging to two separate structure types, and observed a series of new superconductor structure phases in Cu-Au dual-element systems. He led the research on the application of phase diagrams to monocrystal growth, and determined the substances with second harmonic generation in multi-element borate systems. He successfully solved the principle and practice of the growth of superior ultraviolet second harmonic generation BBO, and presided over completing the original research of instantaneous process temperature-measuring devices of nuclear tests.

Liang Jingkui was elected an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993.

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