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PHOTO: Kong Xiangfu
Kong Xiangfu 孔祥复
Molecular Biologist


Kong studied biological synthesis and regulation and control mechanism of galactoside acid. He clarified that Met-tRNA's modification and transcription end factors and their role and mechanism in biological synthesis of bacteria. He also purified the artificial interferon of reorganization.

Kong crystallized the first reorganization-originated protein-interferon A. He set forth the relations between Ras gene and tumor. He found out that for cancer growth, the Ras gene needs the action of phosphatidase C and nervous growth factor towards the Ras signal. Taking the African bufonid's fetation as a system, he studied the signal transducing channel of bone formation protein (BMP-4). He set forth the effect of them and the GATA gene towards the formation of mesoblasts. Kong pointed out that BMP-4 restrains the formation of nervous ectoderm. He studied the structure, function and properties of multiple kinds of plant-originated anti-virus and anti-tumor medicine. Finally, he set forth the mechanism of HCG products against HIV, providing a new idea for the development of anti-HIV medicine.

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