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December 28, 2016
President Xi pleased with students designing satellite
December 28, 2016
President Xi stresses tech advance to accelerate energy revolution
December 20, 2016
Xi meets Shenzhou-11 astronauts
December 20, 2016
Xi meets Shenzhou-11 astronauts, stresses scientific innovation
December 08, 2016
Yu Zhengsheng discuss ways to better spread agro-science
December 08, 2016
Zhang Gaoli pledges more efforts to improve environment
December 01, 2016
Wang Yang attends teleconference on national agriculture census
November 22, 2016
Zhang Gaoli stresses understanding geographic conditions
November 21, 2016
Chinese premier stresses efforts to streamline administrative approval
November 18, 2016
China successfully completes longest-ever manned space mission
November 17, 2016
China to promote new types of agribusiness
November 16, 2016
President Xi stresses int'l cooperation in cyberspace governance
November 15, 2016
Liu Yunshan foreign World Internet Conference guests
November 10, 2016
Liu Yandong highlights int'l cooperation in museums
November 09, 2016
President Xi talks with astronauts in space
November 04, 2016
G20 countries eye int'l innovation, science collaboration
November 04, 2016
Official promises more efforts in environmental protection
November 01, 2016
Chinese premier calls for life sciences cooperation
October 28, 2016
Xi stresses S&T innovation in medical sciences
October 19, 2016
Xi urges greater military-civilian cooperation for strong army
October 18, 2016
Li Keqiang stresses reform, innovation in revitalizing northeast rust belt
October 17, 2016
China successfully launches Shenzhou-11 manned spacecraft
October 15, 2016
Li Yuanchao encourages youngsters to become pioneers of innovation
October 13, 2016
Premier Li reiterates efforts to boost innovation, entrepreneurship
October 13, 2016
Premier Li reiterates efforts to boost innovation, entrepreneurship
October 10, 2016
China moves to become an Internet power
October 09, 2016
Xi stresses Internet innovation, security
September 27, 2016
Liu Yandong highlights int'l cooperation in science, technology
September 25, 2016
Liu Yandong attends FAST launch ceremony in Guizhou
September 23, 2016
Wang Yang urges forestry development
September 22, 2016
Yu Zhengsheng stress protection of grassland ecosystem
September 19, 2016
Ma Kai calls for solid efforts to upgrade manufacturing industry
September 19, 2016
Liu Yunshan urges enhanced cyberspace security
September 18, 2016
Liu Yunshan stresses scientific literacy
September 14, 2016
Premier Li calls for improving gov't services via Internet Plus
August 29, 2016
Aviation, military shares raised by new aircraft engine firm
August 18, 2016
Political advisors discuss int'l sci-tech cooperation, "big science"
August 16, 2016
Liu Yandong urges development, use of quantum communication technology
August 09, 2016
Liu Yandong urges Huawei to continue innovation
August 05, 2016
Liu Yunshan cheers leading Chinese experts, scientists
July 30, 2016
Chinese Premier demands better response to floods
July 23, 2016
Xi congratulates geological museum on founding anniversary
June 28, 2016
Reform fundamental driving force for China's economy
June 26, 2016
Li Keqiang stresses reform, innovation to promote growth
June 14, 2016
China, U.S. to jointly fight cyber crime
June 12, 2016
President Xi calls late forestry professor role model for CPC members
June 06, 2016
President Xi attends opening ceremony of China-U.S. high-level dialogue
June 03, 2016
President Xi calls for perseverance in sci-tech innovation
June 03, 2016
China's efforts on agriculture praised at G20 ministers meeting
June 02, 2016
Premier Li asks overseas Chinese to invest at home
June 01, 2016
Chinese gov't slashes red tape for scientific researchers
May 31, 2016
President Xi says China faces major science, technology "bottleneck"
May 31, 2016
Liu Yandong attends national meetings on science, technology
May 31, 2016
Premier Li calls for passion in S&T innovation
May 27, 2016
China determined to revitalize northeast rust belt
May 26, 2016
Chinese premier vows to integrate informatization, real economy
May 25, 2016
Xi inspects cybersecurity firm in trip to N.E. province
May 24, 2016
Chinese President stresses ecosystem protection
May 14, 2016
2016 National Science and Technology Week opens
May 12, 2016
Railway, Port cooperation to label China-Arab relations
May 11, 2016
China, WIPO ink new agreement to enhance global IP cooperation
May 10, 2016
Wang Yang urges better use of agricultural funds
April 29, 2016
Xi urges intellectuals, workers and youth for national revival
April 25, 2016
Xi Jinping has called for the comprehensive detection of Internet risks to ensure online security
April 24, 2016
Xi expects new chapter in aerospace development
April 22, 2016
China signs Paris Agreement on climate change
April 19, 2016
Xi calls for cyberspace security, technological breakthroughs
April 17, 2016
Xi extends condolences over death of Chinese rocket expert
April 02, 2016
Ma Kai wants stable industrial sector
April 01, 2016
China ready to make good use of new nuclear security center
March 25, 2016
China should promote popularization of science
March 25, 2016
Zhang Gaoli urges efforts to upgrade rural power grids
March 25, 2016
Li Keqiang stresses renovation of rural electricity grid
March 21, 2016
Wang Yang speaks at national meeting on spring farming
March 18, 2016
Xinhua president announces to strengthen cooperation with WIPO on IP rights protection
March 11, 2016
China's environment minister hails court ruling on desert pollution
March 11, 2016
China to promote clean coal for better air
March 10, 2016
Press conference about reform of scientific, technological system held
March 10, 2016
Press conference about reform of scientific, technological system held
February 24, 2016
China to support basic research through new sci-tech plans
February 24, 2016
China steps up support for new energy vehicles
February 14, 2016
China to promote traditional medicine
February 14, 2016
Xi's remarks on sci-tech innovation published
January 26, 2016
Li Yuanchao urges support from S&T societies in development
January 26, 2016
Liu Yunshan visits scientists
January 13, 2016
Liu Yandong stresses innovation-driven development
January 09, 2016
Liu Yandong speaks at meeting of Academic Degree Commission of State Council
January 08, 2016
China recognizes prominent scientists, stresses innovation
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