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December 31, 2015
Premier Li wants new five-year plan outline "scientific, feasible"
December 18, 2015
2nd World Internet Conference concludes with initiative
December 16, 2015
Chinese President underscores cyber sovereignty, rejects Internet hegemony
December 01, 2015
First China-U.S. cyber security ministerial dialogue yields positive outcomes
November 30, 2015
China eyes high-level talents to boost innovation
November 30, 2015
Premier Li vows AIDS battle
November 30, 2015
Xi sends strong signals at Paris climate talks
November 29, 2015
China meets pollution reduction targets ahead of schedule
November 23, 2015
Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao's opening remarks at the World Robot Conference 2015
November 12, 2015
Chinese premier meets Bill Gates
November 12, 2015
Chinese vice premier urges closer agriculture cooperation with Israel
November 02, 2015
Xi calls for careful preparation for C919's maiden flight
October 27, 2015
China, Dutch to strengthen cooperation in civil aviation
October 22, 2015
Li Keqiang urges to promote energy-efficient, new energy vehicles
October 22, 2015
Xi visits Mobile Satellite Company in London
October 21, 2015
Liu Yandong speaks in symposium about technology and innovation in Beijing
October 20, 2015
Li Yuanchao encourages senior scientists to boost innovation
October 14, 2015
China to improve telecom services in rural, remote areas
October 13, 2015
China targets state farms in agriculture modernization
October 08, 2015
Political advisors discuss GM crops in China
October 08, 2015
Political advisors discuss GM crops in China
October 05, 2015
Cheers, hopes as Chinese pharmacologist wins landmark Nobel prize
October 05, 2015
Li Keqiang congratulates Tu Youyou on winning Nobel Prize for medicine
September 30, 2015
Li Keqiang meets with foreign experts who won the Chinese government's Friendship Award for this year
September 25, 2015
China, U.S. reach important consensus on fighting cyber crimes
September 24, 2015
China's Internet policy chief urges China-U.S. cooperation in cybergovernance
September 23, 2015
Xi calls for constructive China-U.S. cyber dialogue in Microsoft HQ tour
September 19, 2015
Liu Yunshan stresses public awareness of science
September 15, 2015
Li Keqiang calling for answers to global issues
September 15, 2015
Chinese, U.S. cities sign Climate Leaders Declaration
September 14, 2015
China to accelerate integration of Internet, agriculture
September 10, 2015
Chinese premier urges int'l cooperation in production capacity
September 09, 2015
Li Keqiang underlines entrepreneurship, innovation
September 07, 2015
Ma Kai meets ITU secretary-general in Beijing
September 04, 2015
China, Russia to strengthen interconnectivity,intercommunication cooperation
August 23, 2015
Li Keqiang urged faster and stronger development of the country's advanced manufacturing
August 23, 2015
Xi congratulates on opening of International Congress of Historical Sciences
August 23, 2015
22nd Int'l Congress of Historical Sciences opens in E China
August 10, 2015
Chinese VP eyes bigger role for applied math in economic growth
August 05, 2015
Senior CPC official calls for innovation-driven development
July 30, 2015
Chinese Academy of Engineering to support Tibet's development
July 28, 2015
Chinese premier stresses innovation as "golden key" for development
July 06, 2015
Premier calls on overseas Chinese to contribute to economy
June 19, 2015
China calls for more science cooperation with Brazil
June 15, 2015
Premier Li urges high-level China manufacturing
June 07, 2015
Wang Yang attends award ceremony at FAO headquarters in Rome
May 23, 2015
Xi stresses information technology for education innovations
May 22, 2015
Chinese premier says feasibility study to begin on South America's transcontinental railway
May 22, 2015
China, Peru to advance cooperation in industrial capacity, equipment manufacturing
May 14, 2015
Chinese vice premier meets INTERMAG 2015 attendees
May 12, 2015
Liu Qibao urges innovation of social sciences study
May 12, 2015
Chinese vice premier meets Apple CEO
May 07, 2015
Premier Li cheers start-ups at China's Silicon Valley
April 02, 2015
New app collects Xi's wisdom
March 22, 2015
Chinese premier stresses better service for startups
March 22, 2015
China to unleash new growth vitality for "new normal" economy
March 22, 2015
IT tycoons aim bigger role in economy
March 17, 2015
Chinese vice premier attends conference on state-owned forest farm reforms
February 10, 2015
Chinese premier sees innovation countering slowdown
January 21, 2015
Xi Jinping stressed that China should protect its environment in the same way as one "values his own eyes"
January 09, 2015
Overseas scholars, media laud Xi's speech at China-CELAC forum
January 09, 2015
China recognizes prominent scientists
January 08, 2015
Chinese vice president attends meeting of CAST
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