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December 27, 2013
Chinese vice premier stresses e-commerce #China
December 22, 2013
Urbanization helps #China eliminate poverty
December 20, 2013
Chinese VP meets with #UNESCO Kalinga Prize winner in Beijing #China
December 20, 2013
Chinese vice premier meets with president of University of Chicago #China #USA
December 19, 2013
Vice Premier stresses carrying cultural essence abroad #China
December 15, 2013
Xi Jinping congratulates Chang'e-3 mission's complete success #China
December 15, 2013
Chinese president, premier arrive at aerospace control center #China
November 30, 2013
ARATS president visits #Taiwan's seaports #China
November 30, 2013
President Xi stresses fight against HIV/AIDS #China
November 29, 2013
ARATS president Chen Deming visits #Taiwan science park #China
October 29, 2013
Construction on #China-#U.S. nuclear security center begins
October 15, 2013
#China, #UK agree to upgrade economic, financial cooperation
September 30, 2013
Premier Li vows better conditions for foreign experts #China
September 23, 2013
Chinese VP Li Yuanchao stresses peaceful use of space #China
September 14, 2013
Liu Yunshan called for efforts to promoting ecological progress to build a beautiful country #China
September 13, 2013
Tech innovation contributes to Silk Road economic belt: Wan Gang #China
September 12, 2013
Chinese hi-tech firms urged to advance IC technology #China
September 05, 2013
Ma Kai has called for faster development of the integrated circuit (IC) industry to spur industrial upgrades #China
September 03, 2013
Chinese capital urged to take lead in air pollution treatment #China
September 02, 2013
Wang Yang meets #Taiwan electronics delegation #China
September 01, 2013
Xi Jinping stressed innovation-powered development in the revitalization of old industrial bases in northeast #China and other regions
August 31, 2013
Premier Li calls for education equality, scientific innovation #China
August 30, 2013
#China launched inspections on how the country's Meteorology Law is enforced
July 26, 2013
Xi meets Shenzhou-10 astronauts #China
July 22, 2013
#China to implement stricter air quality controls
July 20, 2013
Zhang Gaoli addressed the opening ceremony of the Eco Forum Global Annual Conference 2013 in Guiyang
July 17, 2013
Xi Jinping visits Chinese Academy of Sciences calls for greater focus on scientific innovation
July 04, 2013
Meng Jianzhu urges global cooperation against cyber crimes, faster steps on norms
June 26, 2013
Shenzhou-10 mission marks staged success of #China's manned space program: Vice Premier
June 24, 2013
Chinese President begins talking with astronauts aboard Tiangong-1 #China
June 21, 2013
Xi extends festival greetings to Antarctic workers
June 21, 2013
Chinese vice premier meets Samsung vice chairman #China #ROK
June 19, 2013
Yu Zhengsheng says demand for clean water, fresh air and untainted food are stronger than ever stresses scientific planning for ecological drive
June 18, 2013
Xi Jinping applauds success of world's fastest supercomputer #China
June 17, 2013
Chinese officials urge ecological progress efforts #China
June 11, 2013
Chinese President sees off Shenzhou-10 crew, watches spacecraft launch #China
June 11, 2013
Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan watch live broadcast of launch of Shenzhou-10 spacecraft #China
June 11, 2013
Chinese president shares his joy with space program staff #China
June 11, 2013
President Xi arrives to watch Shenzhou-10 launch #China
April 10, 2013
Vice premier Zhang Gaoli sees economic progress, problems #China
March 07, 2013
Science Minister takes lead in promoting electric vehicles #China
March 01, 2013
#China, #Portugal launch joint advanced-materials innovation center
February 21, 2013
Chinese Premier urges breakthroughs in Sci-Tech innovation #China
February 13, 2013
#China eyes closer cooperation with #IFAD over poverty reduction
February 04, 2013
Chinese premier stresses logistics during visit to the Ministry of Commerce.
January 23, 2013
Senior CPC official urges innovation #China
January 18, 2013
Awarding ceremony of #China's top science award held in Beijing
January 18, 2013
Chinese State Councilor meets foreign experts in Beijing #China
January 13, 2013
Liu Yandong stresses safety in nuclear power development
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