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December 28, 2011
Agriculture still vital to China
December 28, 2011
Senior officials stress innovation
December 26, 2011
Chinese Premier Wen commend contributors to grain output
December 26, 2011
Chinese vice premier stresses industrial growth, structural ugrades
December 20, 2011
Chinese Vice Premier pledges better environment with "clean water, blue skies"
December 20, 2011
China assigns mandatory emission reduction tasks to local gov'ts, state-owned enterprises
December 20, 2011
Xu Caihou has discussion with newly-elected academicians
December 16, 2011
China celebrates success of space docking mission
December 11, 2011
Chinese President calls on nation to learn from scientist Qian Xuesen
December 11, 2011
Senior Chinese leader visits Qian Xuesen Library in Shanghai
December 02, 2011
Vice premier stresses role of innovation in promoting economic development
November 17, 2011
China's central authorities congratulate success of first space docking mission
November 16, 2011
Party officials urged to improve research, investigating
November 15, 2011
Premier Wen Jiabao Meets with the International Members and Representatives of China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED)
November 14, 2011
Senior Chinese leaders visit exhibition in commemoration of late Chinese aerospace scientist
November 10, 2011
Chinese vice premier stresses major policy researches
November 08, 2011
HLHL Foundation awards Chinese scientists in 2011
November 07, 2011
Chinese vice premier urges formation of reasonable commodity price mechanism
November 03, 2011
Chinese leaders observe nation's first-ever space docking
November 01, 2011
Shenzhou-8 launch successful, heading for docking
October 25, 2011
Chinese vice premier calls for safe and efficient transportation system across Asia and Europe
October 11, 2011
Army, CAE sign logistics research agreement
September 30, 2011
Chinese Premier meets staff of first space lab module Tiangong-1
September 30, 2011
Chinese Premier meets staff of first space lab module Tiangong-1
September 29, 2011
Seven scientists awarded Shaw Prize in Hong Kong
September 29, 2011
Chinese leaders applaud successful launch of Tiangong-1
September 28, 2011
Chinese state councilor meets Intel CEO
September 27, 2011
Premier Wen orders greater efforts in energy conservation, emissions reduction
September 26, 2011
Chinese vice premier urges economic transformation in central China
September 22, 2011
China to reevaluate, revise environmental quality standards in next five years
September 18, 2011
Vice President of China stresses water conservation
September 06, 2011
China will unveil 12th Five-Year Plan for advanced materials industry: minister
September 06, 2011
Chinese Vice Premier stresses technological upgrading to promote industrial restructuring
September 04, 2011
Chinese Premier pledges carbon cut when visiting senior scientists
August 28, 2011
Senior Chinese official calls for more scientific innovations
August 28, 2011
Senior official underlines importance of promoting China's soft power
August 19, 2011
Chinese VP urges U.S. to relax controls on high-tech exports to China
July 14, 2011
Chinese, Indian officials agree to further bilateral ties
July 01, 2011
PLA General Staff Headquarters establishes IT department
June 29, 2011
Senior leader calls for enhanced innovation capability
June 24, 2011
Bulgaria, China to build ties in information technology, communications
June 21, 2011
Senior official calls for enhancing innovation, cultural service
June 19, 2011
China in crucial moment in flood control, says minister
June 17, 2011
Chinese vice premier stresses reforms in administration for airspace
June 08, 2011
Chinese vice premier visits exhibition on environmental protection achievements
June 05, 2011
China's agricultural minister urges efforts to ensure agricultural, fishery production
June 02, 2011
China to build wetland reserves in NE region: minister
June 01, 2011
China, Russia discuss pollution control for cross-border river
May 28, 2011
Chinese premier emphasizes development of science, technology
May 27, 2011
Chinese vice president stresses innovation, scientific literacy
May 26, 2011
Chinese vice premier calls for more efforts to ensure stable grain output
May 26, 2011
Senior Chinese official calls for efforts to develop new high-tech industries
May 24, 2011
Chinese vice premier calls for better use of surveying, mapping data
May 23, 2011
Chinese state councilor calls for development of basic research
May 23, 2011
China to spend almost four times as much on water conservancy over next 10 years: official
May 21, 2011
China's senior legislator meets former U.S. congressmen
May 20, 2011
Senior Chinese leader calls for more funding for philosophy, social science research
April 25, 2011
Liang Guanglie urges promoting scientific development of militia work
April 21, 2011
China sets long-term timetable to guide pollution fight
April 16, 2011
China's top legislator orders in-depth inspection on enforcement of food safety law
April 13, 2011
Chinese vice premier calls for growth in advanced machinery manufacturing industry
April 09, 2011
Chinese chemists urged to develop energy technology to bolster country's greener development
April 03, 2011
Openness pledged in R&D funding: China's science minister
April 02, 2011
Chinese leaders join Beijingers for tree planting campaign
March 23, 2011
Senior Chinese official calls for scientific implementation of 12th Five-Year plan
March 20, 2011
Creating favorable environment key to China's innovation drive: industry minister
March 16, 2011
China suspends approvals for new nuclear plants
March 15, 2011
President Hu stresses significance of sci-tech innovation in global competition
March 09, 2011
Body of renowned Chinese medical scientist cremated in Beijing
March 06, 2011
Blacktop highway to reach all Tibetan counties in five years: transport minister
March 05, 2011
President Hu joins panel discussion with lawmakers, stresses scientific development
March 05, 2011
China to continue developing high-speed rail network after former railway minister sacked
March 05, 2011
Chinese leaders deliberate gov't work report with national legislators
March 02, 2011
Nuclear physicist behind China's atom bomb laid to rest
March 01, 2011
Chinese Vice Premier stresses saving water in South-to-North Water Diversion Project
February 27, 2011
China aims to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by 16 to 17 pct in next five years
February 21, 2011
Liao Xilong highlights scientific development of military resource-saving work
February 18, 2011
Chinese official: South-to-north water diversion project helps relieve drought
January 30, 2011
China to launch strict water protection measures, fight shortages: minister Chen Lei
January 30, 2011
Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Attends the Launch Ceremony for the Trial Issuance of E-Passports for Public Affairs
January 28, 2011
China to continue efforts to harness Huaihe River: State Council
January 26, 2011
Xi Jinping visits senior scientists ahead of Spring Festival
January 21, 2011
Hui Liangyu calls for intensified anti-drought efforts
January 14, 2011
Two Chinese academicians win nation's top science prize
January 13, 2011
China's leading steelmaker halts production in capital to cut pollution
January 13, 2011
China sets 2011 pollution control goal, warns of challenges
January 11, 2011
Xinhua unveils Beijing-based R&D center to boost competitiveness in new media industry
January 11, 2011
China's stealth fighter J20 takes to air
January 04, 2011
China's Vice Premier stresses safety of high-speed railway
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