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December 29, 2013
Premier Li stresses economic upgrade, livelihood improvement #China
December 09, 2013
Chang Wanquan investigates in Guangxi #China
November 28, 2013
Xi calls for stronger strategic reserve forces #China
November 28, 2013
Xi underlines morality during Confucius site visits #China
November 28, 2013
Xi stresses reform confidence #China
November 25, 2013
Top legislator stresses congressional deputies' ability #China
November 16, 2013
Wang Yang vows to cut logistics costs #China
November 16, 2013
Liu Yunshan visits a community in Jinan, capital of east China's Shandong Province
November 06, 2013
Li Keqiang calls for modern agriculture development #China
November 05, 2013
Xi Jinping urges deepening reform, innovation-driven development #China
November 05, 2013
Chang Wanquan investigates in Inner Mongolia #China
November 05, 2013
Chinese president talks with research staff during inspection tour #China
November 05, 2013
Li Keqiang calls for all-round rural reform #China
November 04, 2013
Chinese vice premier meets with Macao's chief executive #China
November 04, 2013
#China vice premier expresses confidence in achieving growth goals
November 03, 2013
Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli makes inspection in E #China
November 02, 2013
President Xi inspects W. Hunan for poverty relief efforts #China
October 28, 2013
Wang Yang has called for economic cooperation between the mainland and Taiwan to be pushed to a new level by integrating the mainland's market and cost advantage with Taiwan's technology strengths #China
October 15, 2013
Chang Wanquan calls for better border defense in Xinjiang #China
September 10, 2013
Wang Yang urges poverty alleviation #China
September 01, 2013
Xi Jinping stressed innovation-powered development in the revitalization of old industrial bases in northeast #China and other regions
August 28, 2013
Chinese president visits Shenyang military theater of operations #China
August 25, 2013
Liu Yunshan has urged Party members to improve their work style and enhance ties with the masses #China
August 18, 2013
Chinese Premier urges to ensure quake-hit residents a warm winter #China
August 06, 2013
Yu Zhengsheng said development remains "fundamental and key" to addressing all issues related to #Tibet #China
July 23, 2013
Xi urges deepening reform, opening up #China
July 21, 2013
Xi Jinping called for increased cooperation among Yangtze River ports to transform the region into a "golden water route"
July 11, 2013
President Xi makes inspection tour in Hebei #China
July 10, 2013
Li Keqiang tours Guangxi, pledges policy support #China
July 07, 2013
Fan Changlong urges resolute fights against terrorism #China
June 11, 2013
Chinese President sees off Shenzhou-10 crew, watches spacecraft launch #China
June 11, 2013
Chinese president shares his joy with space program staff #China
June 09, 2013
Chinese Premier urges innovation in PV sector #China
June 09, 2013
Premier Li Keqiang inspects Hebei Province #China
June 06, 2013
#China seeks sustained development through economic restructuring: vice premier Zhang Gaoli
June 04, 2013
Chinese official Wang Yong urges greater quake reconstruction efforts #China
June 02, 2013
Top legislator urges improved legislation #China
June 01, 2013
Vice President Li Yuanchao stresses Chinese dream to inspire children #China
May 28, 2013
Yu tours Xinjiang, stresses curbing extremism, terrorism #China
May 23, 2013
President Xi stresses rehabilitation in quake-hit SW #China
May 23, 2013
President Xi makes inspection tour to quake-hit Lushan county #China
May 21, 2013
Xi Jinping visited #Sichuan one month after Lushan county was hit by a earthquake
May 20, 2013
Senior leader Liu Yunshan stresses fair play in selecting officials #China
May 15, 2013
Xi tours Tianjin and stresses steadily promoting economic growth #China
May 14, 2013
Xi Jinping paid an unexpected visit to a job fair in #Tianjin
April 21, 2013
Li Keqiang visits patients injured in earthquake #China
April 20, 2013
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang heads for quake-hit zone in Sichuan #China #earthquake
April 20, 2013
Li Keqiang visited the area torn by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in China's Sichuan Province
April 14, 2013
Vice premier calls for anti-drought efforts in SW #China
April 11, 2013
Visiting troops stationed in Sanya Xi Jinping calls for strengthened navy #Hainan
April 08, 2013
President Xi makes inspection tour in Hainan #China
March 28, 2013
Premier underlines developing modern agriculture, scale farming #China
March 28, 2013
Liu Yunshan makes inspection in Tianjin #China
March 27, 2013
Top political advisor urges scientific development in Guizhou
March 27, 2013
Top political advisor urges scientific development in Guizhou #China
March 25, 2013
Vice premier stresses safe operation of railways #China
March 25, 2013
#China's top political advisor makes inspection tour in Guizhou
February 23, 2013
Vice Premier pledges support for #China's SMEs
February 09, 2013
Wen Jiabao spends Lunar New Year eve with disaster survivors in Gansu Province #China
February 06, 2013
Li Keqiang visits disadvantaged Inner Mongolians #China
February 06, 2013
Xi Jinping visits troops in Gansu Province.
February 05, 2013
Xi Jinping makes inspection tour to #Gansu #China
February 05, 2013
Xi Jinping chats with impoverished villagers, migrant workers
February 03, 2013
Slum renovations key to urbanization quality: vice premier #China
January 31, 2013
Liu Yunshan visits cultural workers in Beijing
January 17, 2013
Liu Yunshan likes to hear heartfelt commentary from the public.
January 16, 2013
Liu Yunshan visits low-income families in #Shaanxi Province #China
January 15, 2013
Li Keqiang inspects the Academy of State Administration of Grain says #China to boost agricultural modernization
January 15, 2013
Liu Yunshan visits traditional cave dwelling in Shaanxi Province #China
January 13, 2013
Liu Yandong stresses safety in nuclear power development
January 08, 2013
Chinese official stresses patriotism among monks #China
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