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December 31, 2012
Wen Jiabao visits Gyegu township of Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
December 30, 2012
Chinese leader stressing eliminating poverty in #China
December 29, 2012
On visit to Jiangsu Province, Hu Jintao urges scientific innovation
December 29, 2012
Li Keqiang demands breaking administrative barriers in market #China
December 29, 2012
During visit to Fuping County in Hebei Province, Xi Jinping urges greater poverty-alleviation efforts
December 11, 2012
Xi Jinping vows no stop in reform and opening up of #China
December 10, 2012
Xi Jinping at a meeting with government officials and entrepreneurs in south #Guangdong Province
December 08, 2012
CMC Chairman Xi Jinping visits soldiers #China
December 06, 2012
Hu Jintao visits Guizhou #China
November 27, 2012
Top lawmaker calls for greater environmental awareness #China
November 23, 2012
Wu Bangguo on inspection tour in Shanxi
October 29, 2012
Senior official urges frontier security in #Yunnan #China
October 26, 2012
Senior leaders visit exhibition on #China's progress
October 15, 2012
Chinese leader urges for greater cultural development #China
October 12, 2012
Xu Caihou tours troop units in Dalian and Qingdao #China
October 10, 2012
Leaders stress promoting ethnic solidarity in Xinjiang #China
October 10, 2012
Li Changchun urges to protect traditional heritage of #China
October 08, 2012
Wen Jiabao stresses poverty alleviation in SW #China
September 27, 2012
Li Changchun views diplomatic gifts exhibition
September 19, 2012
Hu Jintao tours #Tianjin high-tech firms, stresses technological innovation for #China
September 15, 2012
Xi Jinping attends activities for science popularization day #China
September 10, 2012
Zhou Yongkang urges social management for SW #China province
September 09, 2012
Li Changchun calls for promotion of patriotism, achievements #China
September 08, 2012
Premier Wen Jiabao calls for all-out quake rescue efforts #China
September 06, 2012
Wang Lequan stresses stability ahead of #CPC congress #China
September 05, 2012
Zhou Yongkang calls for improved law enforcement, social management capabilities
September 04, 2012
Premier Wen stresses development, stability for Xinjiang #China
September 01, 2012
Chinese premier says property controls still in "critical period" #China
August 29, 2012
Green economy stressed for NW China province #China
August 25, 2012
Wen Jiabao urges targeted, effective efforts to stabilize export growth #China
August 24, 2012
Xu Caihou stressed military political buildup in #China
August 22, 2012
Li Changchun urges leapfrog development in #InnerMongolia #China
August 15, 2012
China can fulfill year's growth target: Premier
August 01, 2012
Chinese Premier warns Henan as typhoons approach
July 30, 2012
Top advisor calls for developing NE China industries
July 27, 2012
Top advisor urges scientific development for China
July 25, 2012
Vice premier urges more efforts in combating floods, disasters
July 21, 2012
Senior leader stresses coordinated, sustainable growth in NE Chinese province
July 21, 2012
Senior CPC official stresses ethnic unity, Tibet development
July 18, 2012
Top political advisor makes inspection tour in Hebei
July 18, 2012
Top political advisor urges stable growth
July 16, 2012
Vice Premier hails manned sub's achievements
July 15, 2012
Senior CPC official visits Inner Mongolia
July 15, 2012
Premier Wen urges efforts to boost dynamism of economic growth
July 14, 2012
Vice Premier stresses domestic demand, balanced growth
July 13, 2012
Senior officer urges armed forces in Tibet to safeguard stability, ethnic harmony
July 11, 2012
Senior official tours Beijing, stresses social management
July 08, 2012
Chinese premier urges more aggressive fine-tuning measures
July 07, 2012
Curbing property speculation a long-term task: Premier Wen
July 06, 2012
China, Singapore to strengthen cooperation in various fields
July 03, 2012
Senior Chinese leader visits old industrial bases
July 01, 2012
President Hu says Hong Kong should enhance competitiveness
June 30, 2012
President Hu visits Kai Tak cruise terminal construction site
June 30, 2012
President Hu inspects Kai Tak public housing development project
June 29, 2012
President Hu in HK for 15th return anniversary
June 29, 2012
President Hu inspects PLA garrison in Hong Kong
June 29, 2012
Senior Chinese leaders visit industrial IT exposition
June 29, 2012
Central government fully recognizes Tsang's work: President Hu
June 29, 2012
President Hu attends private dinner of Tsang
June 29, 2012
President Hu calls for unity between mainland, Hong Kong
June 28, 2012
Chinese vice premier urges anti-poverty efforts in rocky areas
June 27, 2012
Top political advisor stresses ethnic unity
June 22, 2012
Chinese army urged to ensure stability of Xinjiang
June 21, 2012
Senior leader underlines poverty relief for revolutionary base
June 17, 2012
New preferential policies to boost cross-Strait ties
June 17, 2012
Space program demonstrates China's power: top legislator
June 17, 2012
Senior Chinese leader demands cross-Strait personnel exchanges
June 17, 2012
Top Chinese political advisor Jia Qinglin inspects Fujian
June 17, 2012
Senior Chinese leader emphasizes reform of cultural sector
June 16, 2012
Fourth cross-Strait forum opens in SE China
June 16, 2012
Senior leader meets participants of 4th Straits Forum in Xiamen
June 09, 2012
Senior leader makes tour to nuclear power company
June 01, 2012
Chinese VP calls for better agricultural technology
May 31, 2012
Chinese vice premier calls for successful harvest
May 30, 2012
Chinese premier visits rural "left behind" children
May 27, 2012
Premier Wen urges more efforts in poverty alleviation
May 22, 2012
Vice Premier stresses domestic demand, stabilizing growth
May 22, 2012
Senior Chinese leader calls for stability, social harmony
May 22, 2012
Senior official stresses development for NW province
May 21, 2012
Innovation key to NE industry: state councilor
May 20, 2012
Senior CPC official visits storm-hit county
May 20, 2012
Senior CPC official on cultural industry development
May 20, 2012
State councilor visits teacher injured while saving students
May 18, 2012
Vice Premier urges greater development of central regions
May 17, 2012
Senior leader stresses development, stability in Xinjiang
May 14, 2012
Guo Boxiong inspects troop units stationed in Hong Kong, Macao, Hubei and Henan
May 13, 2012
China building power transmission line of world's largest capacity
May 12, 2012
Prepare for more severe natural disasters: vice premier
May 10, 2012
Top political advisor urges promotion of green economy
May 05, 2012
Chinese health minister donates plasma
May 01, 2012
Premier Wen visits cleaners, bus drivers
April 24, 2012
Senior CPC official stresses stable economy, Party discipline
April 23, 2012
Senior official urges corruption fight
April 21, 2012
China's insurance sector needs healthy growth: vice premier
April 21, 2012
Senior leader stresses Hubei's role in central China development
April 17, 2012
Top legislator urges coordinated development in central China
April 02, 2012
Seeking internal growth drivers new trend in Asia: Chinese vice premier
April 02, 2012
Chinese vice premier stresses structural adjustment, livelihood improvement
April 01, 2012
Vice premier stresses stable foreign trade growth
March 31, 2012
Chinese vice premier meets members of BFA board of directors
March 30, 2012
Senior official urges cultural system reform
March 28, 2012
Military leader urges troops to consolidate political ideology
March 28, 2012
Senior Chinese leader calls for economic development, social stability
March 26, 2012
Senior CPC official stresses regeneration of old industrial base
March 24, 2012
Fujian governor begins five-day Taiwan visit
March 18, 2012
Premier Wen inspects agriculture in central China
March 17, 2012
Premier Wen inspects Luohe in C. China's Henan
March 15, 2012
Cross-Strait investment agreement may be signed soon: official
February 28, 2012
Senior leader urges to boost red tourism
February 25, 2012
Vice premier urges healthy development of small financial institutions
February 24, 2012
Vice Premier urges intensified anti-drought efforts
February 24, 2012
Vice Premier urges improved competitiveness in industrial sector
February 18, 2012
Vice premier calls for innovation to drive restructuring
February 18, 2012
Senior Chinese leader calls for cultural reforms
February 17, 2012
Fiscal policies key to growth: Vice Premier
February 16, 2012
Senior CPC official underscores Party purity
February 15, 2012
Top political advisor urges development of real economy
February 14, 2012
Top Chinese political advisor Jia Qinglin inspects Beijing
February 05, 2012
Premier stresses unwavering reform, rural democracy
February 04, 2012
Chinese Vice Premier urges development of SOEs
January 23, 2012
Chinese premier urges government to improve livelihoods of rural, urban dwellers
January 22, 2012
President Hu joins public to celebrate New Year
January 19, 2012
Senior CPC leader extends Lunar New Year greetings to judiciary, police in Beijing
January 17, 2012
Chinese vice premier stresses gov't role in improving people's livelihoods
January 17, 2012
Chinese vice premier stresses gov't role in improving people's livelihoods
January 03, 2012
Premier calls for confidence in supporting growth
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