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December 31, 2015
Xi highlights poverty reduction, int'l role in New Year speech
December 31, 2015
Premier Li wants new five-year plan outline "scientific, feasible"
December 31, 2015
China will not be absent from int'l affairs
December 30, 2015
China stresses reform in revitalizing northeast industrial base
December 30, 2015
Wang Yong attends meeting on standardization under State Council
December 29, 2015
Chinese leaders stress local chronicles compilation
December 28, 2015
China provides over 140 billion yuan to low-income groups
December 26, 2015
China's annual audit to cover all government funds, officials
December 24, 2015
China to deepen business registration reform
December 24, 2015
Premier stresses efficient operation of government agencies
December 24, 2015
Artists told to learn from dramatist
December 24, 2015
Li Keqiang meets representatives attending national meeting of gov't secretary-generals, directors of gov't general offices
December 23, 2015
2019 Horticultural Expo to show China's green development
December 23, 2015
China vows more support for rural industry
December 22, 2015
Lawmakers suggest open elderly care market
December 21, 2015
Structural reforms stressed for steady growth in 2016
December 20, 2015
Chinese leaders order immediate rescue following massive landslide
December 14, 2015
Wang Yang attends teleconference on land reclamation reforms in Beijing
December 14, 2015
Liu Yandong addresses 25th National Congress of Chinese Medical Association
December 09, 2015
Reform meeting tables healthcare, environmental, hukou proposals
December 09, 2015
Cabinet urges clearing up state-owned "zombie companies"
December 09, 2015
China's cabinet pushes for registration-based stock listing reforms
December 07, 2015
Zhang Gaoli stresses Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration
December 06, 2015
China vows penalties for delayed launch of emergency plan amid smog alert
December 04, 2015
China encouraging crowdfunding to fuel entrepreneurship
December 03, 2015
Premier promises economists more structural reforms
December 03, 2015
China targets more efficient generic drugs production
December 02, 2015
China's cabinet begins major clean-up of regulations
December 01, 2015
China highlights relocation in battle against poverty
November 30, 2015
China eyes high-level talents to boost innovation
November 29, 2015
China meets pollution reduction targets ahead of schedule
November 28, 2015
China pledges resolute measures to root out poverty by 2020
November 27, 2015
Chinese Premier urges improved capability in epidemic control
November 27, 2015
Vice premier speaks at symposium on development of old revolutionary areas
November 23, 2015
China vows to win battle against poverty
November 19, 2015
China to reinforce IPR protection: vice premier
November 19, 2015
Premier vows less red tape
November 18, 2015
China vows support for modernizing manufacturers
November 11, 2015
China to promote integrating healthcare and eldercare services
November 11, 2015
China intensifies measures to stimulate consumption
November 10, 2015
Chinese Premier stresses reforms, restructuring
November 04, 2015
China to make interest rates more market-based
November 02, 2015
China to boost mordernization of logistics
November 01, 2015
Zhang Gaoli addresses 2nd Understanding China Conference in Beijing
October 31, 2015
Senior legislators vow to work for China's development goal
October 31, 2015
Premier Li stresses quality growth
October 31, 2015
Lawmakers discuss draft revision to Seed Law
October 30, 2015
Chinese leaders, non-CPC elite discuss 13th Five-year Plan
October 30, 2015
Wang Yang attends teleconference on improving farmland water conservation
October 23, 2015
Li keqiang highlights reform, innovation to promote growth
October 23, 2015
Zhang Gaoli calls for more poverty relief measures
October 22, 2015
Li Keqiang urges to promote energy-efficient, new energy vehicles
October 22, 2015
Political advisors call for improvement to urban management
October 20, 2015
Li Yuanchao encourages senior scientists to boost innovation
October 19, 2015
Li Keqiang urges more support for innovation, entrepreneurship
October 19, 2015
Zhang Gaoli stresses innovation, entrepreneurship to bolster growth
October 16, 2015
Special conference on Belt and Road concludes in Beijing
October 16, 2015
Xi addresses 2015 Global Poverty Reduction and Development Forum
October 16, 2015
Li Keqiang stresses financial reform to better serve real economy
October 16, 2015
Li Keqiang presides over symposium with representatives from financial enterprises
October 15, 2015
Premier Li stresses development upgrade
October 15, 2015
Premier urges deeper reforms, new engines
October 14, 2015
China to improve telecom services in rural, remote areas
October 13, 2015
China targets state farms in agriculture modernization
October 13, 2015
Xi stresses urgency of reforming global governance
October 12, 2015
CPC adopts new rules for better governance
October 12, 2015
CPC schedules key meeting on new development plan
October 10, 2015
Zhang Gaoli stresses completion of shanty town renovation goals
October 08, 2015
Political advisors discuss GM crops in China
September 30, 2015
China able to meet economic goals this year
September 28, 2015
Wang Yong addresses meeting on inspection of work safety
September 25, 2015
Li Keqiang urges parallel development of urbanization, modern agriculture on Henan trip
September 23, 2015
China takes big step in pricing reform
September 23, 2015
Li Keqiang orders thorough investigation into Tianjin blast, rigorous accountability, stronger workplace safety
September 22, 2015
Premier orders thorough investigation of Tianjin blasts
September 22, 2015
Premier urges business admin streamlining
September 22, 2015
Liu Yunshan eyes closer media cooperation along Belt and Road
September 19, 2015
Zhang Gaoli stresses good mapping of 13th Five-Year Plan
September 18, 2015
China vows more ASEAN maritime cooperation
September 14, 2015
China to accelerate integration of Internet, agriculture
September 10, 2015
Li sees stable, healthy financial market ahead
September 10, 2015
China contributes 30 pct to global growth in H1: Premier
September 10, 2015
China's economy to improve in future: Premier
September 09, 2015
China's government debt risks controllable: premier
September 09, 2015
Senior leader attends Tibet highway inauguration
September 09, 2015
Li Keqiang underlines entrepreneurship, innovation
September 08, 2015
Li Keqiang commends nation's teachers
September 08, 2015
Wang Yang stresses development of bonded areas
August 31, 2015
State Councilor orders overhaul of hazardous chemical businesses
August 26, 2015
China to step up financial leasing to bolster economy
August 25, 2015
China to improve domestic trade circulation
August 25, 2015
Ma Kai stresses consultative service for manufacturing
August 25, 2015
President Xi urges more care about young people
August 23, 2015
Li Keqiang urged faster and stronger development of the country's advanced manufacturing
August 21, 2015
Yu Zhengsheng stresses water resources protection
August 20, 2015
China cabinet stresses post-blast management, investigation
August 19, 2015
Mayor accepts responsibility for Tianjin blasts
August 18, 2015
Wang Yang wants better dairy industry
August 17, 2015
Guo Shengkun orders continued search for missing after Tianjin blasts
August 16, 2015
Premier Li pays respects to firefighters lost in Tianjin blasts
August 16, 2015
Guo Shengkun stresses transparency in handling Tianjin blasts
August 15, 2015
Profound lessons must be learned from Tianjin blasts: Chinese leaders
August 14, 2015
Liu Yandong visits people injured in Tianjin blasts
August 13, 2015
Chinese leaders urge all-out efforts to save injured in Tianjin blast
August 12, 2015
Xi asks quick rescue after NW China landslide
August 08, 2015
Chinese VP asks HK youth to support regional government
August 05, 2015
Senior CPC official calls for innovation-driven development
July 31, 2015
China to build unified resource trading platform by 2017
July 29, 2015
China to improve urban underground infrastructure
July 28, 2015
Chinese premier stresses innovation as "golden key" for development
July 25, 2015
China to leave nobody behind in poverty relief
July 24, 2015
Chinese vice premier warns against housing speculation in Beijing suburbs
July 24, 2015
President Xi urges youth federations to stay loyal
July 24, 2015
Wang Yang attends national meeting on agricultural development
July 23, 2015
Chinese leaders reiterate post-quake reconstruction in Xinjiang
July 21, 2015
Zhang Gaoli presides over meeting on "Belt and Road" Initiatives
July 18, 2015
Xi eyes future of NE China, stresses role of SOEs
July 18, 2015
Premier Li: Economic growth can improve
July 15, 2015
Vice premier vows strict punishment on counterfeit products
July 15, 2015
China to deepen reform to boost innovation and entrepreneurship
July 14, 2015
Ma Kai stresses innovation in manufacturing
July 13, 2015
"Precision" key to Premier Li's economic vision
July 11, 2015
Premier urges more jobs, better life for disabled
July 10, 2015
Political advisors discuss administrative approval reform
July 10, 2015
Political advisors discuss administrative approval reform
July 08, 2015
Chinese cabinet expresses confidence in economy
July 08, 2015
Vice president urges mass organizations to improve work, services
July 02, 2015
China eyes breakthroughs in equipment manufacturing
July 02, 2015
Top advisory body discusses rural land rights
July 01, 2015
China nurtures better environmental supervision
July 01, 2015
China to establish stricter supervision system for environmental protection
July 01, 2015
China adopts new law on national security
June 30, 2015
Top legislature conducts inquiry into vocational education after inspection
June 29, 2015
China kicks off sports games for central gov't staff
June 29, 2015
China's vocational institutions train 130 mln
June 28, 2015
China under pressure to meet fiscal revenue budget target
June 28, 2015
China considers reform on individual income tax
June 27, 2015
China determined, able to safeguard its justified rights over Nansha Islands: FM
June 25, 2015
No rest until sweeping victory against drugs, Xi says
June 24, 2015
Cabinet cuts insurance rates to relieve employers' burden
June 19, 2015
Chinese Premier emboldens state firms' int'l industrial cooperation
June 18, 2015
Chinese state councilor speaks at symposium on streamlining administration
June 18, 2015
Xi stresses rural poverty relief
June 18, 2015
Political advisors discuss fire control in construction projects
June 17, 2015
China to invest more in people's livelihood
June 17, 2015
Political advisors brainstorm on next five-year plan
June 15, 2015
Premier Li urges high-level China manufacturing
June 12, 2015
China is coping with climate change
June 11, 2015
China vows "zero tolerance" of food safety crime
June 10, 2015
China promises better environmental protection
June 10, 2015
China supports entrepreneurship in rural regions
June 07, 2015
Chinese vice premier condoles with relatives of victims of Eastern Star
June 07, 2015
China beefs up search for shipwreck victims' remains
June 04, 2015
China vows to unleash market vitality, spur innovation
June 04, 2015
Political advisors discuss parasitic disease prevention
June 04, 2015
CPC leaders order "all possible measures" in Yangtze rescue
June 03, 2015
Li praises work of Yangtze search & rescue team
June 03, 2015
Premier Li visits divers searching for survivors
June 03, 2015
Chinese vice premier chairs meeting on rescue work of sinking ship
June 02, 2015
Prioritize saving lives, premier tells Yangtze rescuers
June 02, 2015
President Xi urges all-out rescue efforts after ship with 458 people sinks
June 02, 2015
Premier Li gives instructions on Yangtze rescue work
May 29, 2015
China cools land transfer fever
May 28, 2015
President Xi outlines position on 13th five-year plan
May 27, 2015
Chinese vice premier urges Asia-Europe "connectivity"
May 27, 2015
China to accelerate transport investment
May 27, 2015
China's Xi stresses oil reserve security
May 26, 2015
President Xi stresses farmland protection
May 26, 2015
Xi orders prompt treatment, investigation after rest home fire
May 23, 2015
Chinese Vice Premier stresses flood control
May 20, 2015
Xi urges solidarity for national rejuvenation
May 19, 2015
Chinese vice premier demands improved air quality
May 16, 2015
Chinese Premier highlights innovation, entrepreneurship
May 16, 2015
China to further streamline administration for market vitality
May 16, 2015
Chinese Premier highlights innovation, entrepreneurship
May 15, 2015
Chinese premier confident in proper economic growth
May 14, 2015
China cuts red tape on non-administrative reviews
May 12, 2015
China makes fresh efforts to unleash economic vitality
May 12, 2015
Wang Yong attends meeting on disaster reduction
May 12, 2015
China makes fresh efforts to unleash economic vitality
May 10, 2015
Premier Li calls for developing vocational education
May 07, 2015
Premier Li cheers start-ups at China's Silicon Valley
May 07, 2015
China appoints senior officials
May 07, 2015
Premier ridicules "prove your mother is your mother" government regulations
May 06, 2015
Chinese president urges continued quake relief work in Tibet
May 06, 2015
China pledges deeper int'l industrial cooperation
May 06, 2015
Chinese VP named honorary president of Red Cross China
April 30, 2015
Cabinet sets deadlines for official documents' release
April 28, 2015
Premier Li eyes consumer goods market for growth
April 24, 2015
Zhang Gaoli demands better Yangtze waterway development
April 23, 2015
Zhang Gaoli demands better water diversion project management
April 23, 2015
Lawmakers call for better gov't work in FTZs
April 23, 2015
Premier Li urges high level opening up, innovation
April 22, 2015
Wang Yang vows to further develop FTZs in China
April 21, 2015
Premier Li demands job creation
April 21, 2015
Premier Li urges boosting employment
April 21, 2015
Liu Yandong attends meeting of consultative committee on medical and health care reform
April 17, 2015
Li Keqiang said the country should push forward reforms in the financial sector to support growth of the real economy
April 15, 2015
China approves pilot nuclear power project
April 15, 2015
Top legislator stresses vocational education
April 14, 2015
Premier urges preparedness amid rising economic pressure
April 10, 2015
Northeast China to renew growth via reform and opening up: premier
April 09, 2015
Urgent actions needed to decrease export slowdown: vice premier
April 08, 2015
China to eliminate random official fees for firms within six months
April 07, 2015
Flood control,drought relief urgent tasks this year: vice premier
April 03, 2015
China to accelerate int'l industrial cooperation: premier
April 03, 2015
Xi urges citizens to plant trees
April 03, 2015
Top CPC and state leaders attend tree planting event in Beijing
April 02, 2015
China to reform supply and marketing cooperatives
April 01, 2015
China broadens investment scope for social security fund
April 01, 2015
China pledges education, hospital, juror system reforms
April 01, 2015
State Council vows measures to boost e-commerce
March 30, 2015
Chinese vice premier attends symposium on pelagic fishery in Beijing
March 29, 2015
Xi meets entrepreneurs, promising more opportunities in China
March 27, 2015
Vice premier urges Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development
March 26, 2015
Chinese president, premier offer wreaths over late Singapore's founding PM
March 25, 2015
China to boost "Made in China 2025" strategy
March 25, 2015
Top legislature to inspect implementation of Vocational Education Law
March 25, 2015
Environment tax law on fast track
March 24, 2015
Chinese leaders push for "greenization"
March 23, 2015
China eyes innovation in face of economic "new normal"
March 22, 2015
Chinese premier stresses better service for startups
March 22, 2015
China to unleash new growth vitality for "new normal" economy
March 22, 2015
China's monetary policy still quite prudent: PBOC chief
March 21, 2015
Beijing mayor urges tackling smog
March 20, 2015
China to enhance grain output, fire proofing
March 19, 2015
Chinese president appoints eight new ambassadors
March 18, 2015
Premier stresses economic targets, agricultural reform
March 18, 2015
China to intensify anti-counterfeit campaign
March 17, 2015
Chinese vice premier attends conference on state-owned forest farm reforms
March 15, 2015
China to streamline gov't administration to boost vitality
March 15, 2015
Li Keqiang called on the Chinese people to read more and promised that the policy of encouraging reading will again be part of next year's government work report
March 15, 2015
China to hold inactive, incompetent officials accountable: Premier
March 15, 2015
Premier stresses ample policy room, growth quality
March 11, 2015
China issues opinions to encourage mass entrepreneurship, innovation
March 10, 2015
China eyes diversified investment plan for pension fund: minister
March 10, 2015
China faces arduous task of ensuring employment: minister
March 08, 2015
Chinese leaders urge efforts on poverty eradication, economic restructuring
March 08, 2015
Li Keqiang joins panel discussion with NPC deputies from Sichuan
March 06, 2015
Premier advocates "twin engines" for medium-high growth
March 06, 2015
Vice Premier promises to prevent systematic economic risk
March 04, 2015
Chinese leaders call for implementation of "Four Comprehensives"
February 27, 2015
Chinese premier calls for clean governance
February 27, 2015
China appoints new environmental protection minister
February 26, 2015
Wang Yang delivers keynote speech on national meeting on foreign trade
February 25, 2015
China's cabinet pledged to step up fiscal policy support and strengthen targeted controls to combat downward pressure on the economy
February 15, 2015
Premier Li stresses agricultural modernization for economic stability
February 14, 2015
China's vice premier urges fresh efforts to alleviate poverty
February 11, 2015
Chinese Premier presses for better land management
February 11, 2015
Chinese Premier calls for better industry standards
February 11, 2015
Chinese Premier urges improved social relief
February 10, 2015
Xi stresses implementing central economic policies
February 09, 2015
Chinese premier urges advice on state affairs
February 06, 2015
Chinese Premier calls for better government work
February 04, 2015
Chinese premier hears opinion on gov't work report
January 29, 2015
Zhang Gaoli pledged no systematic and large-scale food safety accidents
January 29, 2015
Chinese premier calls on Malaysia to continue to exert all efforts to find MH370
January 28, 2015
China eyes mass innovation, entrepreneurship as new engine
January 27, 2015
Premier Li hears opinions on gov't work report
January 26, 2015
China seeks opinions on government work report
January 21, 2015
Xi Jinping stressed that China should protect its environment in the same way as one "values his own eyes"
January 20, 2015
Li Keqiang urges better protection of consumers' rights
January 12, 2015
Chinese vice premier Wang Yang stresses tourism safety
January 07, 2015
China aims for faster administrative approvals
January 05, 2015
Chinese premier stresses farmland protection
January 01, 2015
Premier underscores safety for public places
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