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December 29, 2012
While improved, transport capacity remains insufficient, considering the booming demand.
November 28, 2012
#China to spend more in combating #HIV/AIDS and give greater support to NGOs in this field.
November 28, 2012
#China's cabinet warns of rural land expropriation
November 28, 2012
Commerce minister says #China poised for 7.5-percent annual growth.
November 22, 2012
Vice-Premier asks Ministry of Health to guarantee medical treatment for people living with #HIV/AIDS
October 31, 2012
#Chinese gov't vows to curb soil pollution
October 25, 2012
Lawmakers call for including non-governmental groups in social assistance #China
October 22, 2012
Gov't to curb corruption in medical procurement #China
October 19, 2012
Senior Chinese official urges food industry development #China
October 17, 2012
Vice Premier vows to narrow development gaps #China
October 17, 2012
Senior #Chinese leader urges efforts to boost innovation
October 12, 2012
Chinese premier urges more gov't spending on pension system #China
September 19, 2012
Li Keqiang urges tapping domestic demand via coordinated development #China
September 05, 2012
Li Keqiang urges learning from environmental protection official #China
August 02, 2012
Chinese premier calls for improved flood control
August 01, 2012
Chinese vice premier urges better preparation against floods
July 23, 2012
Chinese vice premier calls for strengthened flood control efforts
July 22, 2012
Chinese premier warns of "complicated, grim" job situation
July 11, 2012
China to boost distribution industry
July 03, 2012
Beijing gets new Party chief
July 01, 2012
Hu Jintao swears in new Hong Kong chief executive
June 18, 2012
Top political advisor praises China's forestry reform
June 15, 2012
China's cabinet appoints new counselors, researchers
May 27, 2012
Vice Premier underlines rural, agricultural development
May 12, 2012
Prepare for more severe natural disasters: vice premier
May 08, 2012
Senior Chinese official visits water conservation exhibition
May 07, 2012
At least 80 bln yuan in public donations in 2011: minister
May 03, 2012
Hui Liangyu calls for flood, drought fight
May 01, 2012
Premier Wen visits cleaners, bus drivers
April 24, 2012
Chinese vice premier urges more support for grain production
April 19, 2012
Hong Kong chief executive focuses on smooth handover
April 18, 2012
Gov't deparments urged to disclose more information
April 17, 2012
Premier Wen Jiabao Holds Talks with His Thai Counterpart Yingluck Shinawatra
April 10, 2012
Li Keqiang stresses healthy development of charity sector
April 03, 2012
Chinese vice premier stresses structural adjustment, livelihood improvement
April 02, 2012
China to deepen reforms to drive growth: vice premier
March 29, 2012
China adopts school bus safety regulation
March 27, 2012
Vice premier urges more forestation efforts
March 27, 2012
Shine light on officials' dealings, crack corruption
March 23, 2012
Vice Premier urges elimination of fire risks, protection for firefighters
March 22, 2012
State Council meets on transport safety, quality
March 21, 2012
News Analysis: New investment channels opened for pension funds
March 19, 2012
Wen assures foreign investors' confidence in China
March 19, 2012
Political, legal organs urged to serve the people
March 18, 2012
Chinese vice premier urges growth mode transformation
March 18, 2012
Growth momentum on track amid change calls
March 17, 2012
Senior official urges development of cartoon industry
March 16, 2012
China assigns tasks in government work report
March 15, 2012
Zhang Dejiang replaces Bo Xilai as Chongqing Party chief
March 15, 2012
Vice premier demands counterfeits crackdown
March 15, 2012
Vice premier demands counterfeits crackdown
March 14, 2012
China's premier says 7.5 pct GDP target not low
March 14, 2012
China opposes clergy self-immolations to disrupt social harmony in Tibetan-inhabited areas
March 14, 2012
Wen says China needs political reform, warns of another Cultural Revolution if without
March 14, 2012
HK to elect chief executive with vast majority support: Wen
March 14, 2012
China not to loosen regulations on housing market: premier
March 14, 2012
Wen expects common culture to resolve cross-strait political grouches
March 14, 2012
RMB exchange rate approaching equilibrium: Premier Wen
March 14, 2012
Premier "feels sorry" for China's problems in his term
March 14, 2012
Wen urges cooperation to address trade imbalance with U.S.
March 14, 2012
China's parliament concludes annual session
March 14, 2012
"Be an old steed": Wen makes emotional press finale
March 14, 2012
Premier Wen urges further promotion of social justice
March 09, 2012
China's top legislator delivers NPC Standing Committee work report
March 08, 2012
China to give more seats to workers, farmers in electing 12th NPC deputies
March 07, 2012
China publicizes regulation on maritime observation, forecasting
March 07, 2012
Government popularity in Tibet relies upon its work: Tibet chief
March 07, 2012
Chinese leaders, lawmakers discuss gov't work report
March 06, 2012
China leads world in power generation: official
March 05, 2012
China's parliament starts annual session
March 05, 2012
Highlights: Premier Wen's government work report
March 05, 2012
Chinese premier delivers gov't work report at NPC session
March 05, 2012
China aims to increase 12 million low-income housing in 2012
March 05, 2012
Parliament session starts, China to "make progress while maintaining stability"
March 05, 2012
China to deepen reform of financial systems: report
March 05, 2012
China targets 4% consumer price rise this year
March 05, 2012
China's reform and opening up pose opportunities, challenges: spokesman
March 05, 2012
Chinese leaders, lawmakers discuss gov't work report
March 05, 2012
China to strengthen innovative social administration: Wen
March 04, 2012
China's legislative work improved: spokesman
March 04, 2012
Chinese president stresses people's well-being, health, social security
March 01, 2012
China's old population hits 185 mln
February 25, 2012
Vice premier urges healthy development of small financial institutions
February 17, 2012
Vice premier urges improved disaster prevention
February 17, 2012
Fiscal policies key to growth: Vice Premier
February 16, 2012
Fiscal policies key to growth: Vice Premier
February 15, 2012
China pledges deeper economic reforms
February 14, 2012
Premier Wen: No popular support for inciting radical moves by monks
February 14, 2012
Premier Wen hears opinions on gov't work report
February 14, 2012
Vice Premier calls for efforts to promote resource conservation
February 13, 2012
Giant State firms need private investment
February 13, 2012
Premier Wen invites pubic opinions on government work report
February 12, 2012
Premier Wen urges economic reforms
February 09, 2012
China encourages private capital in mining industry
February 09, 2012
China punishes food safety criminals in 2011
February 08, 2012
Chinese vice premier urges harsh punishments for food safety violations
February 08, 2012
Senior official stresses healthy development of minors' ideology
February 07, 2012
Fair distribution "lifeblood" of housing program: vice premier
February 06, 2012
Vice premier presides over meeting on fairly distributing affordable housing
February 02, 2012
Vice premier urges agricultural technology progress
January 31, 2012
China's Cabinet seeks opinions on annual government work report
January 17, 2012
Chinese vice premier stresses gov't role in improving people's livelihoods
January 13, 2012
Chinese vice premier calls for unity between army, people
January 09, 2012
China to step up land reform this year: minister
January 09, 2012
China vows to continue development of west, northeast
January 07, 2012
China's financial system stable, but potential risks remain: Premier Wen
January 07, 2012
China concludes National Financial Work Conference
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