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July 12, 2021
Li Zhanshu attended the opening ceremony of Eco Forum Global Guiyang 2021 and delivered a keynote speech
June 20, 2021
Hu Chunhua has urged more efforts in accelerating the development of key counties assisted in the country's rural vitalization drive
June 04, 2021
On a phone call, Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov say the two countries remain unswervingly committed to upholding international fairness and justice and safeguarding world peace and stability.
June 03, 2021
Wang Yi hosted the 4th China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' Dialogue. China, Afghanistan, Pakistan reach consensus on promoting Afghan peace process, anti-terrorism
June 01, 2021
During a BRICS meeting via video, Wang Yi put forward suggestions for BRICS countries to promote solidarity across the world
May 30, 2021
Wang Yi held talks with Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney in Guiyang, Guizhou Province
February 04, 2021
Xi Jinping visited a supermarket and a residential community in Guiyang
February 04, 2021
Xi Jinping inspected an aviation division of the Air Force stationed in southwestern Guizhou Province
February 03, 2021
Xi Jinping inspected southwest China's Guizhou Province ahead of the Spring Festival
September 16, 2020
Zhao Leji on his inspection tour in Guizhou Province, stressed discipline inspection in poverty alleviation
July 07, 2020
Li Keqiang made an inspection tour to the cities of Tongren and Guiyang in Guizhou Province
April 26, 2020
Wang Yang calls or more efforts to focus on the new challenges brought by COVID-19 to the disadvantaged to ensure poverty alleviation.
April 12, 2019
Li demands increasing support to people relocated for poverty alleviation
July 19, 2018
Xi stresses winning poverty relief battle by 2020
July 07, 2018
Ecological forum opens, focusing on green development
May 26, 2018
Chen Zhu inspects implementation of Statistics Law
April 11, 2018
Chen Xi inspects poverty relief work
September 15, 2017
Wang Yang stresses "people-centered" concept to improve rural environment
July 28, 2017
Liu Yandong delivers a keynote speech during the opening ceremony of the 10th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week
July 13, 2017
Meng Jianzhu stresses use of big data, AI in policing
April 20, 2017
Xi Jinping elected delegate to 19th CPC National Congress
April 20, 2017
Chen Min'er elected Guizhou Party chief
September 25, 2016
Liu Yandong attends FAST launch ceremony in Guizhou
August 23, 2016
China addresses post-relocation issue in poverty relief
August 23, 2016
China addresses post-relocation issue in poverty relief
July 09, 2016
Yu Zhengsheng calls for green development
July 08, 2016
Yu Zhengsheng meets foreign leaders at eco forum
July 01, 2016
China appreciates Cambodia's support on S. China Sea
May 26, 2016
Chinese premier vows to integrate informatization, real economy
August 22, 2015
Liu Yunshan speaks highly of overseas Chinese language media
June 18, 2015
Xi inspects poverty reduction in SW China's Guizhou
June 18, 2015
Xi stresses rural poverty relief
February 13, 2015
Li Keqiang has urged central and western provinces to speed up economic growth efforts
January 16, 2015
Senior official champions Party values at community level
July 11, 2014
#China to step up foreign cooperation in environment
July 11, 2014
Dai Bingguo: Jointly Build the Silk Roads for the 21st Century With Openness and Inclusiveness
September 10, 2013
Wang Yang urges poverty alleviation #China
August 25, 2013
Liu Yunshan has urged Party members to improve their work style and enhance ties with the masses #China
July 22, 2013
#China to implement stricter air quality controls
July 20, 2013
Zhang Gaoli addressed the opening ceremony of the Eco Forum Global Annual Conference 2013 in Guiyang
July 19, 2013
Chinese vice premier meets foreign leaders attending eco forum #China #Dominica
June 19, 2013
Chinese vice premier meets foreign leaders attending eco forum
May 25, 2013
Chinese VP stresses scientific, technological innovation #China
March 27, 2013
Top political advisor urges scientific development in Guizhou
March 27, 2013
Top political advisor urges scientific development in Guizhou #China
March 25, 2013
#China's top political advisor makes inspection tour in Guizhou
December 06, 2012
Hu Jintao visits Guizhou #China
October 15, 2012
Chinese leader urges for greater cultural development #China
October 08, 2012
Wen Jiabao stresses poverty alleviation in SW #China
September 10, 2012
Zhou Yongkang urges social management for SW #China province
July 27, 2012
Top advisor urges scientific development for China
June 28, 2012
Chinese vice premier urges anti-poverty efforts in rocky areas
April 19, 2012
Li Zhanshu elected Party chief of SW China's Guizhou province
November 01, 2011
Chinese discipline supervision units urged to enhance anti-graft work
September 12, 2011
Vice premier urges intensified anti-drought efforts in SW China
September 10, 2011
Top leaders call for enhanced drought-fighting efforts in SW China
July 16, 2011
Eco-forum opens in SW China
May 11, 2011
Chinese VP stresses poverty reduction, economic restructuring while visiting Guizhou
May 10, 2011
Chinese vice president stresses cadre selection in Party building
February 13, 2011
Chinese vice premier urges more support to less developed areas
August 21, 2010
Li Zhanshu appointed as new Party secretary for China's Guizhou Province
August 21, 2010
Shi Zongyuan was replaced by Li Zhanshu as secretary of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee
April 04, 2010
Wen Jiabao made an inspection tour in the drought-hit southwest Guizhou Province.
May 09, 2008
Wu Bangguo inspected Guizhou Province.
February 06, 2008
Wen Jiabao inspected Guizhou Province.
February 01, 2008
Xi Jinping inspected Guizhou Province.
January 30, 2007
Zeng Qinghong inspected Guizhou province.
February 02, 2006
Zhou Yongkang visited police, armed police, family members of police martyrs and model policemen.
December 15, 2005
Li Changchun inspected Guizhou province.
April 09, 2005
Zeng Peiyan Sichuan and Guizhou provinces.
March 31, 2005
Liu Yandong inspected Guizhou province.
February 11, 2005
Hu Jintao inspected Guizhou province.
February 10, 2005
Hu Jintao came to Nahui Village, inhabited by people of the Buyi and Miao ethnic groups to send newyear's greetings.
February 08, 2005
Hu Jintao visited the representatives of model workers and ethnic minority people.
February 05, 2005
Hui Liangyu inspected Guizhou province.
May 06, 2004
Wu Guanzheng inspected Guizhou province.
January 04, 2004
Huang Ju inspected Guizhou Province.
October 27, 2003
Jia Qinglin made an inspection tour in Guizhou Province.
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