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Zhang Dingfa
Commander of the PLA Navy, Alternate Member of the 16th CPC Central Committee
Born: 1943, Shanghai Municipality

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2017 2010 2006 2005 2004

Appeared/Travelled With:
Cao Gangchuan 曹刚川 Chen Bingde 陈炳德 Chen Liangyu 陈良宇 Chen Zhili 陈至立 Gu Xiulian 顾秀莲 Guo Boxiong 郭伯雄 He Guoqiang 贺国强 He Yong 何勇 Hu Jintao 胡锦涛 Hua Jianmin 华建敏 Huang Ju 黄菊 Hui Liangyu 回良玉 Jia Chunwang 贾春旺 Jia Qinglin 贾庆林 Li Changchun 李长春 Li Jinai 李继耐 Liang Guanglie 梁光烈 Liao Hui 廖晖 Liao Xilong 廖锡龙 Liu Qi 刘淇 Liu Yandong 刘延东 Liu Yunshan 刘云山 Lu Yongxiang 路甬祥 Luo Gan 罗干 Sheng Huaren 盛华仁 Tang Jiaxuan 唐家璇 Wang Gang 王剛 Wang Lequan 王乐泉 Wang Zhaoguo 王兆国 Wang Zhongyu 王忠禹 Wen Jiabao 温家宝 Wu Bangguo 吴邦国 Wu Guanzheng 吴官正 Wu Yi 吴仪 Xiao Yang 肖扬 Xu Jialu 许嘉璐 Xu Kuangdi 徐匡迪 Yu Zhengsheng 俞正声 Zeng Peiyan 曾培炎 Zeng Qinghong 曾庆红 Zhang Dejiang 张德江 Zhang Lichang 张立昌 Zhou Yongkang 周永康

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12/05/04 Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao made significant speeches during the three-day conference, an annual central economic conference to implement a scientific viewpoint of development in the coming year. (Beijing Municipality)
Cao Gangchuan was in Beijing Municipality
and met with the following:
Alan West (First Sea Lord of the British Royal Navy and Chief of the Naval Staff)
Others Attending: Zhang Dingfa
Cao Gangchuan was in Beijing Municipality
and met with the following:
Rear Admiral David Ledson (Commander of the New Zealand Navy)
Others Attending: Zhang Dingfa
Zhang Dingfa was in Beijing Municipality
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