BROWSE LOCATION Tianjin Municipality
Birthplace: Tianjin Municipality

Cao Xinghe (Tianjin Municipality, 1949)
Chen Fuhan (Tianjin Municipality, 1936)
Chen Hong (Tianjin Municipality, 1948)
Dou Yupei (Tianjin Municipality, 1957)
Fan Baojun (Tianjin Municipality, 1940)
Fan Boyuan (Tianjin Municipality, 1945)
Feng Jicai (Tianjin Municipality, 1942)
Gao Shuxun (Tianjin Municipality, 1955)
Han Baozhen (Tianjin Municipality, 1940)
Ji Zhengkun (Tianjin Municipality, 1950)
Li Boyong (Tianjin Municipality, 1932)
Li Quanshan (Tianjin Municipality, 1952)
Li Shiqun (Tianjin Municipality)
Li Zhijian (Tianjin Municipality, 1940)
Liu Baojun (Tianjin Municipality)
Liu Dongsheng (Tianjin Municipality)
Liu Guangjun (Tianjin Municipality)
Liu Hui (Tianjin Municipality, 1959)
Liu Jianfeng (Tianjin Municipality, 1936)
Luo Baoming (Tianjin Municipality, 1952)
Luo Peilin (Tianjin Municipality)
Ma Xuezheng (Tianjin Municipality)
Mao Fumin (Tianjin Municipality, 1946)
Qin Gang (Tianjin Municipality, 1966)
Shi Wanpeng (Tianjin Municipality, 1936)
Sun Hailin (Tianjin Municipality, 1946)
Sun Wenkui (Tianjin Municipality, 1962)
Wang Jianming (Tianjin Municipality, 1946)
Wang Wei (Tianjin Municipality, 1950)
Wei Shoukun (Tianjin Municipality)
Wen Jiabao (Tianjin Municipality, 1942)
Xia Baolong (Tianjin Municipality, 1952)
Xie Zhenhua (Tianjin Municipality, 1949)
Yang Qian (Tianjin Municipality, 1944)
Yi Hailin (Tianjin Municipality, 1960)
Yin Weilun (Tianjin Municipality, 1945)
You Lantian (Tianjin Municipality, 1951)
Yu Jiaqing (Tianjin Municipality, 1945)
Yu Shenglong (Tianjin Municipality, 1940)
Zhang Daning (Tianjin Municipality, 1944)
Zhang Fusheng (Tianjin Municipality, 1950)
Zhang Ze (Tianjin Municipality)
Zhao Yan (Tianjin Municipality, 1936)
Zheng Wantong (Tianjin Municipality, 1941)
Zhi Shenghua (Tianjin Municipality, 1951)
Zhu Jinzhao (Tianjin Municipality, 1944)
Chen Jianmin (Tianjin Municipality, Ninghe County, 1956)
Fu Xingguo (Tianjin Municipality, Ninghe County, 1960)
Li Ruihuan (Tianjin, Baodi County, 1934)
Liu Guangrun (Tianjin, Baodi County, 1929)
Sun Ying (Tianjin, Baodi County, 1936)
Wang Zuji (Tianjin, Baodi District, 1958)
Wang Hongjiang (Tianjin, Ji County, 1965)
Fang Fengyou (Tianjin, Wuqing, 1941)
He Ronglin (Tianjin, Wuqing, 1949)
Li Zhenqian (Tianjin, Wuqing, 1937)
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