Birthplace: Jilin Province

Chen Yonghua (Jilin Province, 1954)
Chen Yujie (Jilin Province, 1941)
Cui Xiliang (Jilin Province, 1960)
Guo Xiaodong (Jilin Province, 1940)
Kan Ke (Jilin Province, 1955)
Wang Changsheng (Jilin Province, 1947)
Wang Zhaoxing (Jilin Province, 1959)
Yang Qingcai (Jilin Province, 1946)
Yang Weimin (Jilin Province, 1956)
Zhao Ping (Jilin Province, 1954)
Wu Changshu (Jilin Province, Antu, 1936)
Cao Jianlin (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1955)
Han Xiaofeng (Jilin Province, Changchun City)
Ma Fei (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1948)
Peng Hengwu (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1915)
Qiu Shiguan (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1948)
Sun Chunlin (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1953)
Wang Zhongyu (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1933)
Wu Lianyuan (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1937)
Xue Kang (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1958)
Zhang Simin (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1962)
Zhao Shi (Jilin Province, Changchun City, 1953)
Wu Yin (Jilin Province, Changchun City, Shuangyang District, 1950)
Wang Guosheng (Jilin Province, Daan City, 1947)
Li Yulin (Jilin Province, Dongfeng County, 1950)
Song Dahan (Jilin Province, Dongfeng County, 1952)
Liu Yang (Jilin Province, Dongliao, 1942)
Gao Yan (Jilin Province, Fuyu County, 1942)
Jia Zhijie (Jilin Province, Fuyu County, 1935)
Li Zhao (Jilin Province, Fuyu County, 1955)
Lu Zhixue (Jilin Province, Fuyu County, 1941)
Wang Gang (Jilin Province, Fuyu County, 1942)
Wang Yumin (Jilin Province, Fuyu County, 1955)
Li Xueju (Jilin Province, Gongzhuling City, 1945)
Liu Shunxing (Jilin Province, Gongzhuling City, 1962)
Wang Jinshan (Jilin Province, Gongzhuling City, 1945)
Wang Shouhai (Jilin Province, Gongzhuling City, 1943)
Wang Songhe (Jilin Province, Gongzhuling City, 1952)
Zhang Lijun (Jilin Province, Huadian County, 1952)
Liu Haisheng (Jilin Province, Huaide County, 1949)
Ma Shang (Jilin Province, Huinan County, 1962)
Gong Zhizhong (Jilin Province, Ji'an City, 1948)
Liu Zhongde (Jilin Province, Ji'an City, 1933)
Mu Degui (Jilin Province, Ji'an City, 1959)
Cao Weixin (Jilin Province, Jiaohe City, 1950)
Sun Hongzhi (Jilin Province, Jiaohe City, 1965)
Bai Dahua (Jilin Province, Jilin City, 1942)
Cheng Liancheng (Jilin Province, Jilin City, 1931)
Jiao Meiyan (Jilin Province, Jilin City, 1962)
Jiao Zhengzhong (Jilin Province, Jilin City, 1950)
Jin Shuo (Jilin Province, Jilin City, 1854)
Ma Zongjin (Jilin Province, Jilin City)
Shi Zhongxin (Jilin Province, Jilin City)
Yan Shuang (Jilin Province, Jilin City, 1965)
Yuan Shoufang (Jilin Province, Jilin City, 1939)
Han Yong (Jilin Province, Jiutai City, 1956)
Zhang Zhiguo (Jilin Province, Jiutai City, 1956)
Zhang Ye (Jilin Province, Lanshu, 1957)
Chen Jining (Jilin Province, Lishu County, 1964)
Quan Zhezhu (Jilin Province, Longjing County, 1952)
Yang Shiqiu (Jilin Province, Nongan County, 1953)
Du Qinglin (Jilin Province, Panshi City, 1946)
Cao Xiaohong (Jilin Province, Qianan County, 1961)
Gui Minjie (Jilin Province, Shulan City, 1953)
Dong Wei (Jilin Province, Siping City, 1957)
Shao Bingren (Jilin Province, Siping City, 1945)
Yang Xiaohui (Jilin Province, Siping City, 1962)
Wan Guoquan (Jilin Province, Tao'an County, 1919)
Su Rong (Jilin Province, Taonan, 1948)
Yuan Jiajun (Jilin Province, Tonghua City, 1962)
Li Yongtai (Jilin Province, Tonghua County, 1928)
Jin Shuoren (Jilin Province, Wangqing County, 1954)
Li Dek Su (Jilin Province, Wangqing County, 1943)
Feng Jianshen (Jilin Province, Yanji City, 1952)
Jin Zhenji (Jilin Province, Yanji City, 1959)
Liu Haimin (Jilin Province, Yongji County, 1953)
Tao Bojun (Jilin Province, Yongji County, 1936)
Yang Zhong (Jilin Province, Yongji County, 1949)
Zhao Nanqi (Jilin Province, Yongji County, 1926)
Hu Keming (Jilin Province, Yushu City, 1957)
Hui Liangyu (Jilin Province, Yushu City, 1944)
Tan Jialin (Jilin Province, Yushu City, 1954)
Wang Guofa (Jilin Province, Yushu City, 1945)
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