BROWSE LOCATION Guizhou Province
Birthplace: Guizhou Province

Chen Shiju (Guizhou Province, 1963)
Xu Zhong (Guizhou Province, 1945)
Long Gang (Guizhou Province, Anlong County, 1955)
Xiao Xuchang (Guizhou Province, Anshun)
Liu Guanglei (Guizhou Province, Bijie Prefecture, 1954)
Huang Kangsheng (Guizhou Province, Ceheng County, 1952)
Meng Qiliang (Guizhou Province, Duyun City, 1957)
Liu Hongma (Guizhou Province, Guiyang City, 1947)
Ou Xinqian (Guizhou Province, Guiyang City, 1949)
Shuai Kaiye (Guizhou Province, Guiyang City, 1946)
Wang Chaowen (Guizhou Province, Huangping, 1930)
Wang Zhengfu (Guizhou Province, Kaili City, 1947)
Zhu Wenju (Guizhou Province, Kaiyang County, 1930)
Long Chaoyun (Guizhou Province, Qiandongnan, Miao-Dong Autonomous Prefecture, 1952)
Liao Xilong (Guizhou Province, Sinan County, 1940)
Teng Jiuming (Guizhou Province, Songtao, 1944)
Liu Xiaokai (Guizhou Province, Taijiang County, 1962)
Gu Qingjin (Guizhou Province, Tongzi County, 1945)
Lou Qinjian (Guizhou Province, Tongzi County, 1956)
Lu Zhiming (Guizhou Province, Weining County, 1952)
Dai Bingguo (Guizhou Province, Yingjiang, 1941)
Meng Sufen (Guizhou Province, Zhenfeng, 1932)
Luo Shangcai (Guizhou Province, Zhenning County, 1929)
Shen Yiqin (Guizhou Province, Zhijin County, 1959)
Liu Zunyi (Guizhou Province, Zunyi City, 1944)
Wang Peian (Guizhou Province, Zunyi City, 1958)
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