BROWSE LOCATION Beijing Municipality
Birthplace: Beijing Municipality

Cai Fang (Beijing Municipality, 1956)
Cai Fuchao (Beijing Municipality, 1951)
Chen Lei (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Chen Lihua (Beijing Municipality)
Chen Ruiqing (Beijing Municipality, 1941)
Chen Sen (Beijing Municipality, 1946)
Chen Yongling (Beijing Municipality)
Chen Zuoning (Beijing Municipality, 1957)
Du Deyin (Beijing Municipality, 1951)
Du Xia (Beijing Municipality, 1950)
Duan Dongsheng (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Duan Yongji (Beijing Municipality, 1946)
Fan Duanwei (Beijing Municipality, 1965)
Fang Xin (Beijing Municipality, 1955)
Feng Zhijun (Beijing Municipality, 1930)
Fu Mingzhong (Beijing Municipality, 1950)
Fu Xishou (Beijing Municipality, 1931)
Gao Yan (Beijing Municipality, 1958)
Gao Zhentong (Beijing Municipality)
Guo Ligen (Beijing Municipality, 1955)
He Guangbei (Beijing Municipality)
Hong Chaosheng (Beijing Municipality)
Huang Yanming (Beijing Municipality, 1955)
Jiang Xiaoyu (Beijing Municipality, 1948)
Jin Daoming (Beijing Municipality, 1953)
Jin Jian (Beijing Municipality, 1932)
Kong Quan (Beijing Municipality, 1955)
Li Baodong (Beijing Municipality, 1955)
Li Jianhua (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Li Ping (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Li Shixiang (Beijing Municipality, 1958)
Li Wei (Beijing Municipality, 1943)
Li Yifei (Beijing Municipality, 1963)
Li Yin (Beijing Municipality, 1949)
Lin Yuan (Beijing Municipality, 1951)
Liu Fengyun (Beijing Municipality, 1950)
Liu He (Beijing Municipality, 1952)
Liu Jiang (Beijing Municipality, 1940)
Liu Jieyi (Beijing Municipality, 1957)
Liu Peter (Beijing Municipality)
Liu Ruozhuang (Beijing Municipality)
Liu Tienan (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Liu Yanhua (Beijing Municipality, 1950)
Lu Mai (Beijing Municipality, 1947)
Niu Maosheng (Beijing Municipality, 1939)
Pan Ligang (Beijing Municipality, 1956)
Qi Gong (Beijing Municipality, 1912)
Qi Xuchun (Beijing Municipality, 1946)
Qu Wanxiang (Beijing Municipality, 1949)
Shi Jiliang (Beijing Municipality, 1945)
Song Lixin (Beijing Municipality, 1967)
Sun Laiyan (Beijing Municipality, 1957)
Sun Weijia (Beijing Municipality, 1962)
Sun Xiaomin (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Suo Liansheng (Beijing Municipality, 1942)
Tang Jun (Beijing Municipality, 1962)
Tian Suning (Beijing Municipality, 1963)
Tian Xing (Beijing Municipality, 1949)
Tian Xiong (Beijing Municipality, 1946)
Tu Chuanyi (Beijing Municipality)
Wang Changyun (Beijing Municipality, 1960)
Wang Chen (Beijing Municipality, 1950)
Wang Guangmei (Beijing Municipality, 1921)
Wang Guangying (Beijing Municipality, 1919)
Wang Jian (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Wang Meng (Beijing Municipality, 1934)
Wang Wenyuan (Beijing Municipality, 1931)
Wang Xiaojing (Beijing Municipality, 1953)
Wang Xin (Beijing Municipality, 1946)
Wang Yi (Beijing Municipality, 1953)
Wang Zhirong (Beijing Municipality, 1940)
Wu Dechang (Beijing Municipality, 1927)
Wu Tao (Beijing Municipality, 1940)
Wu Ying (Beijing Municipality, 1962)
Wu Zuqiang (Beijing Municipality, 1927)
Xiao Yaqing (Beijing Municipality, 1959)
Xie Ji (Beijing Municipality, 1972)
Xiu Jigang (Beijing Municipality, 1956)
Xu Changping (Beijing Municipality, 1950)
Xu Guanhua (Beijing Municipality, 1941)
Xu Jialu (Beijing Municipality, 1937)
Xu Shengheng (Beijing Municipality, 1962)
Yan Luguang (Beijing Municipality)
Yang Baohua (Beijing Municipality, 1948)
Yang Wei (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Yang Xin (Beijing Municipality, 1942)
Yao Jian (Beijing Municipality, 1962)
Yi Gang (Beijing Municipality, 1958)
Yu Qing (Beijing Municipality, 1952)
Yu Yuzhen (Beijing Municipality, 1946)
Yuan Yong (Beijing Municipality, 1952)
Zeng Qiang (Beijing Municipality, 1963)
Zhai Hongxiang (Beijing Municipality, 1946)
Zhan Yong (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Zhang Delin (Beijing Municipality, 1939)
Zhang Weining (Beijing Municipality, 1958)
Zhang Wenliang (Beijing Municipality, 1954)
Zhao Chengxi (Beijing Municipality, 1940)
Zhao Qizheng (Beijing Municipality, 1940)
Zhao Shaohua (Beijing Municipality, 1952)
Zheng Yannong (Beijing Municipality, 1950)
Zhong Binglin (Beijing Municipality, 1951)
Zhong Youping (Beijing Municipality, 1952)
Zhou Yaohe (Beijing Municipality, 1927)
Zhu Guangyao (Beijing Municipality, 1953)
Zhu Zhigang (Beijing Municipality, 1950)
Gao Zhanxiang (Beijing Municipality, Tongxian County, 1935)
Yin Kesheng (Beijing Municipality, Tongxian County, 1932)
Cao Yiou (Beijing, Daxing County, 1903)
Jia Chunwang (Beijing, Daxing County, 1938)
Li Li Fucheng (Beijing, Shunyi District, 1954)
Song Baorui (Beijing, Shunyi District, 1937)
Xia Zhanyi (Beijing, Shunyi District, 1954)
Zhang Fusen (Beijing, Shunyi District, 1940)
Zhao Fengshan (Beijing, Shunyi District, 1948)
Liu Zhenlai (Beijing, Tongzhou District, 1949)
Zhang Qingquan (Beijing, Tongzhou District, 1946)
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