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PHOTO: Qin Junde
Qin Junde 钦俊德
Senior Academician and Entomological Physiologist


Qin Junde, male, Han nationality, is a native of Anji, Zhejiang Province. He graduated from Dongwu University in 1940 and received a doctorate degree from Amsterdam University.

Qin founded the first entomological physiological research office of China. He revealed the physiological relations between insects and plants and set forth the theory that insects select plants. During his career, he studied the feeding habits and nutrition of multiple kinds of pests, such as potato beetles, migratory locusts, cotton bollworms, armyworms and aphids and the effect of botanic ingredients towards their growth and reproduction. He took the natural enemies of insects as objects, studied the nutrition and manual feeding stuff of coccinella septempunctata. By adding juvenoid, Qin properly solved the complicated problem of manual feed preparation.

He also studied and defined the characteristics of the egg-laying season of oriental migratory locust towards adapting to the environment and submerging and ability to withstand drought, providing scientific basis for forecasting acridid disaster. He successfully developed the feed on which a large quantity of flea larva can be raised and method that can quickly detect the mosquitoes and pests coming from different sources.

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