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PHOTO: Liu Xinyuan
Liu Xinyuan 刘新元
Molecular Biologist


Liu Xinyuan, male, Han nationality is a native of Hengdong County, Hunan Province. He graduated from Nankai University in 1952.

Liu carried out research regarding RNA structural functions, the full artificial synthesis of Yeast alanine tRNA, genetic engineering and cell factor (especially leucocyte amboceptor-2 and interferon) and its intracellular signal transducing. He discovered the abirritation of leucocyte amboceptors and proved it can combine with opium receptor, providing new proof for the first time that immunity factors have regulative roles with respect to the nervous system. He created a new strategy of curing tumour-gene viruses, which have important theoretical and practical significance. Liu published more than 270 theses and edited seven volumes of Liu Xinyuan theses collection. He also won more than 30 awards.

Career Data

2001— Academician, Third World Academy of Sciences
2000— Researcher, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Biochemistry and Cell Research Institute
1992— Foreign Academician, Ukraine Academy of Science
1991— Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1963—2000 Researcher, Shanghai Biochemistry Research Institute Shanghai Municipality
1957—???? Student, Shanghai Biochemistry Research Institute Shanghai Municipality (Enrolled in "Assistant Doctor" Class)
Professor, Hebei Medical University Hebei Province
1952 Graduate, Nankai University, Chemistry Department Tianjin Municipality

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