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PHOTO: Hao Yichun
Hao Yichun 郝诒纯
Honorary Vice-Chairman of the 10th Central Committee of Jiu San Society, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Born: 1920

Biography Highlight

Hao Yichun, female, Han nationality, is a native of Xianning, Hubei Province. She was born in 1920 and joined the CPC in 1936.

Hao has a long and varied career, anchored in academia, although she has held several Party positions and has extensive involvement with the Jiu San Society

After graduating from Southwest Associated University, Hao taught from 1946 to 1952 at Beijing University. She was later an associate professor at Beijing Geological Institute and the Beijing Branch of Wuhan Geological Institute. In 1980, she was made academician of Chinese Academy of Sciencess.

Hao‘s academic positions also include serving as the vice-president of the Paleontological Society of China, president of the Micropaleontological Society of China, and a member of the International Science Union.

Hao‘s association with the Jiu San Society dates back to 1951, when she joined the organization. She was Vice-Chairman of the 7th and 8th Central Committees of the Jiu San Society and in 1997 became the honorary Vice-Chairman of the 10th Central Committee of the society.

Recent Career Data

Titled, (National March 8th Red Banner Bearer)
1997— Honorary Vice-Chairman, 10th Jiusan Society, Central Committee
1993—1998 Vice-Chairman, Municipal People's Congress, Standing Committee Beijing Municipality
1993—1998 Member, 8th Standing Committee of the NPC
1993—1998 Vice-Chairman, 8th Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of the NPC
1992—1997 Vice-Chairman, 9th Jiusan Society, Central Committee
1992—???? Chairman, Jiusan Society, Municipal Committee Beijing Municipality
1988—1993 Member, 7th CPPCC, National Committee, Standing Committee
1988—1998 Vice-Chairman, All-China Women's Federation, Executive Committee
Vice-Chairman, 8th Jiusan Society, Central Committee

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