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PHOTO: Lu Yonggen
Lu Yonggen 卢永根
Academician, Crop Geneticist


Lu Yonggen, male, Han nationality, native of Huadu, Guangdong Province. Lu graduated from South China Agronomy College in 1953.

In the early 1960s, Lu studied paddy genetic resources and divided light temperature ecotypes and climatic ecotypes of the paddy species of the country. He later engaged in the research of paddy genetics. According to nanism genetic mode and allelic relations, Lu divided the current main indicia rice nanism resources of our country into two categories and four groups. He conducted genetic analysis of the nucleoplasmic interaction of male sterility paddies and found that the fertility restoration genes are the same, Rf1 and Rf2. Since the hybrid sterility and affinity of cultivated paddies are controlled by the pollen sterile gene of at least six loca, Lu put forward the new concept of the "pathoklisis gene". For the first time, he established that the pachytene core type of three wild paddy types originated in China.

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