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PHOTO: Hao Ping
Hao Ping 郝平
Alternate Member, 19th CPC, Central Committee; Vice-Minister, Ministry of Education
Born: 1959


Hao Ping, male, Han nationality was born in 1959, and received a doctorate in International Relations from Beijing University.

He is a member of the 11th CPPCC and currently served as president of the Beijing Foreign Studies University from 2005 to 2009. He is also a professor in the history department of Beijing University.

Professor Hao is the author of three books: "An Unfortunate Ending: John Leighton Stuart and China," 2002, "Sun Yat-Sen's Revolution and the United States," 2000, and "Historical Facts of the Founding of Peking University," 1998. In 2009, he became Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Education. He is now CPC Party Secretary of Beijing University and an alternate member of the 19th CPC Central Committee.

Career Data

2017— Alternate Member, 19th CPC, Central Committee
2009— Secretary, Beijing University CPC, Party Committee Beijing Municipality
2009— Vice-Minister, Ministry of Education
2008— Member, CPPCC, Subcommittee of Foreign Affairs
2008—2013 Member, 11th CPPCC, National Committee
2005—2009 President, Beijing Foreign Studies University Beijing Municipality
2005— President, Society for International Human Resources Development, Institute of Higher Learning
2003—2004 Executive Deputy Trustee, China Higher Education Academy, Study Abroad Educational Administration Branch Beijing Municipality
2001—2005 Vice-President, Beijing University Beijing Municipality
2000—2000 Senior Visiting Scholar, University of California USA, California, Berkeley
1997—2001 Assistant President, Beijing University Beijing Municipality
1996—1999 Graduate, Beijing University, School of International Relations Beijing Municipality (Received Doctorate)
1996—2001 Director, Beijing University, International Relations Office Beijing Municipality
1994—1995 Consultant, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Center for Chinese Studies USA, Hawaii, Honolulu
1992—1995 Graduate, University of Hawaii at Manoa, History Department USA, Hawaii, Honolulu (Received Master's Degree)
1991—1992 Visiting Scholar, University of Hawaii at Manoa USA, Hawaii, Honolulu
1986—1991 Deputy Director, Beijing University, Student Affairs Office Beijing Municipality
1982—1986 Assistant to the Executive Vice-President, Beijing University Beijing Municipality
1978—1982 Student, Beijing University, History Department Beijing Municipality

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